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About BL Foundation

We cater to children with developmental, behavioral, emotional and learning difficulties, from birth to 19 years, providing valuable guidance to parents on how to care for them and help prepare other care givers to assist in their development. BL Foundation Group provides diagnostic services towards aiding early assessment and intensive intervention to help the child's development through focus on its strengths.

Driven by a vision that every child must receive a fair chance to realise its potential, BL Foundation Group is the bridge, between children and their families, schools and communities, that fosters their complete development through assessments, therapy, educational initiatives, training, awareness and capacity building. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child and are striving to create a village for each child through our efforts.

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Our Mission

BL Foundation Group's focus is on the developmental and behavioural well-being of children from birth to 19 years. The child and family are the centre of our work. Therefore utmost importance is given to ensuring that families feel empowered to help their children.

BL Foundation Group's work is not rocket science! Training others - anyone who cares for children - about various facets of child development is a crucial objective that is pursued with passion. Through the sharing of knowledge and skills, we can reach out to so many more children.

Our Core Values

BL Foundation Group's serves in such kind of medical facilities for children - 
* Assessment & Diagnosis Related to Delays In Child Development
* Autism Intervention
* Speech & Language Therapy
* Parent & Teacher Training
* Occupation Therapy
* Remedial Education
* Behaviour Therapy
* Child Psychotherapy
* Counseling

Popular Causes

We are a non-profital & Charity raising money for child education

Child Education in India

Come forward to help them

Children are our inspiration, which help us bear the perspiration! Learn everything about our centre at BL Foundation Group and some of the common concerns for near by children home.

Child Labour in India

Need to take apriciate action

BL Foundation Group are taking serious acion against the child labour, we are warm welcome to people who can join us for stopping the child labour in nation.

Child Medical in India

Serious issue raise in India

BL Foundation Group is providing the mediacal treatment of poor children, whom parents are not able to take medical facilities, we are doing our level best to stop desease to rural areas.

Our Achievements in Numbers

We can talk for a long time about advantages of our physician clinic before other medical treatment facilities. But you can read the following facts in order to make sure of all pluses of BL Foundation Group









Our Work Plan

Take a look at how we work at remove of child poverty in nation

Innovative Members

We are a team of paediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists, special educators, behaviour therapists, administrators and trustees, working tirelessly to improve the lives of children in our community.

Education for All

BL Foundation is to promote the right to education for all children in the nation. We advocates for free quality public education for all. We believes that education is a human right and a public good which should be accessible to all. It is the responsibility of socity to ensure that every child, youth has access to high quality education appropriate to his or her needs.

Welcome To Volunteers

We need your TALENT, we need your TIME. You can volunteer at BL Foundation Group
we are often in need of helping hands to build a world village to raise all our children! BL Group welcomes volunteers from any field to assist in various tasks, which help with the running of the Centre. These tasks could range from updating our database to sorting our library to making teaching aids, posters or even assisting in fundraising and plenty more!

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