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Who We Are

8.1 million children need help to stay in school. These are the children whom education has passed by. These are the children whom we dream will, one day, all have access to schooling. Are these numbers daunting? Yes, perhaps. Yet, to us, transforming these numbers is what drives us each morning. Established in 20015 by Abhishek Srivastav, BL Foundation Group works tirelessly to keep children in school, through holistic interventions that impact the community. In just 7 years, BL Foundation Group has transformed the lives of over thousands of children..

Our Work Strategy

Take a look at how our strategy can work to development of child poverty in nation


BL Foundation Group's vision is every child has access to realize their full potential through quality education and holistic learning to become young empowered leaders in the urban and the rural segments, to contribute towards a self-reliant India.


BL Foundation Group is to prepare less privileged children of India through holistic support to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. It is the responsibility of socity to ensure that every child, youth has access to high quality education appropriate to his or her needs.


BL Foundation Group core values which work for us
1. Accountability
2. Leadership
4. Team Work
5. Innovation

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